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About above the line properties

Above the Line Properties is a premier real estate service offered by Revival Properties which offers exceptional housing and real estate services tailored specifically to the film industry. With an expert understanding of the unique needs and demands of the entertainment world, Above the Line Properties is dedicated to providing top-notch accommodations and location support for film productions. Originally founded by Carol Cahill and currently led by Emily Allred, Above the Line Properties goes beyond traditional real estate services, offering a specialized approach that caters specifically to the needs of the film industry. Whether it's securing comfortable accommodations for cast and crew, or providing comprehensive support services, Above the Line Properties excels in delivering outstanding solutions. Their expertise in the industry, combined with an extensive network of connections, allows them to navigate the complexities of finding ideal properties and solving complex terms.


Our experienced leasing team was built to service the film industry, but we do it all. From placing celebrities in secure estates to finding homes for families displaced by fire or flood. Our job is identifying privately owned properties with charm and amenities to suit the lifestyle and budget of our clients.

Above the Line Properties takes pride in their ability to match the unique requirements of film productions with suitable housing solutions. From luxurious villas and expansive estates to practical on-location housing, they offer a diverse range of options to suit different budgets and preferences. Their commitment to exceptional service extends to providing on-site support and addressing any specific needs that may arise during the production process.

Choosing Above the Line Properties means gaining a trusted partner dedicated to ensuring the success of your film project. Built with Carol Cahill’s industry expertise and Revival Properties’ current team of professionals who understand the demands of the entertainment industry, Above the Line Properties is the go-to group for outstanding housing and real estate services for the film industry.